Bank Guarantees

First Capital Bank will ensure payment to your beneficiaries are covered

Whether you need a bid bond, performance bond, advance payment guarantee or other forms of guarantees, First Capital Bank can ensure all your requirements are met.

A bank guarantee enables you to acquire goods, buy equipment to expand business activity and provides additional working capital. A Bank Guarantee is a written irrevocable undertaking issued by First Capital Bank to pay a beneficiary on demand if our customer has not fulfilled their contractual obligations. It has a number of advantages it can provide to both international and local businesses to enable you to tender for business which you might have previously considered out of reach. It can also improve the terms of your tenders and help you negotiate better terms on contracts.


✅ Backed by First Capital Bank an international guarantee will put you in a strong position to do business
✅ A Bank Guarantee protects your cash flow
✅ We guarantee immediate compensation in case of default

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